Kitty Party Catering Services

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Kitty Party Catering Services

New Gala Catering Services is a trusted provider of Kitty Party Catering Services in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane areas. If you are looking for catering services for your next kitty party, New Gala Catering Services is the perfect choice. They offer a wide range of delicious food options, from traditional Indian cuisine to international delicacies. They are also flexible and can work with you to create a personalized catering menu that suits your specific preferences and dietary needs. The team of expert chefs and servers will make sure that everything is perfectly prepared and presented to provide an unforgettable dining experience for you and your guests. So, why wait? Contact New Gala Catering Services today and enjoy a hassle-free kitty party catering experience.

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Why To Choose US?

Experienced Team

We take time to perfect and present your food and beverage options in a way that will wow your guests. We have the skills, experience, and patience to make your vision a reality.

Service Since 1995

We are in catering services since 1995. We have great experienced of 26 years.

Fresh, Hot, Delicious & Hygienic Food

This is our prime focus, We are maintaining our food quality always so that customers are happy with our services.

Save Time

We have full setup of catering service which will save your precious time. We can adapt to any venue environment to make sure your food and beverages fit the scene and look perfect.

Stress Free Service

We will assist you in planning for food. A lot of thought goes into what to serve at an event which can be stressful. We can ease this worry and take care of the hard work.

Customer Satisfaction

Our main prime focus is to maintain foods quality and taste, so that our customers are happy and get another chance to work again with them.

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